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COVID-19 Updates: In light of the current pandemic, Cocoon are dedicating all of our energy to support the crisis and ensure our schools can work effectively from their new ‘remote classrooms’.  Existing Cocoon schools will receive all the support they need to ensure teaching and learning isn’t interrupted, and teachers, parents and students don’t suffer any unnecessary stress during this time of crisis.  We are also offering free support to non-Cocoon schools to support the crisis:

We will be hosting additional webinars to target new issues as they emerge at no extra charge.  To further support schools, we are extending a 30% discount on our usual subscription pricing for any school that chooses to sign up for further support after the free training. 

Our biggest focus right now is to listen and to understand the new issues facing schools all around the world – and to ensure that every teacher, in every school feels empowered to engage every student.  We are all in this pandemic together and the more we can do to help each other the better.  


Our special free access during the Covid-19 crisis means that schools will have access to personalised online dashboards, with essential premium features activated, and an assigned mentor to help every teacher complete the fundamentals course.  Develop your fundamental skills in just two weeks.  See ‘Fundamentals of Remote Learning’ below. 

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