Strategy and Planning

Develop your school’s digital strategy, planning and Digital Learning leadership team.

Train on your own schedule, control your journey

Progress through skill levels and receive certification 


Year long support to help your school develop the foundations for building and implementing your digital strategy.  Strategy and planning support includes meetings structured across the academic year to build and implement your digital strategy, as well as unlimited phone and email contact.  Starting with a meeting to assess your school’s progress to date we will find the best starting point and agree on some achievable milestones to help get your digital journey started.  We will develop, review and support your digital plan at every level throughout the year to make sure that technology is a key factor in your students experiencing the best learning possible.  Strategy and planning support can include targeted teacher training as well as whole-staff training through Croke Park hours.


In-Class Support

Model teaching to develop teachers’ skills and confidence.

Develop communication skills and creativity

Ensure every teacher reaches their key milestones


Our in-class support provides an additional level of security and reassurance for our schools.  Schools in receipt of in-class support know that the milestones set during your strategy and planning meetings will definitely be met.  It is a great way of supporting skills and confidence development for all teachers, no matter what their starting point.  Whether you are looking to help the most anxious teacher get started with ICT or support more confident teachers in exploring new areas within digital learning, our proven model will provide your staff with the exact level of support they need.


Online Support

See ‘Why Cocoon?’ and ‘Features’ menus.  Our online support has a 95% success rate with Digital Schools of Distinction.